Lessons Learned

My husband, along with some of his friends, has been planning a trip.  It’s been in the works, in total, for almost a year:  The International Youth Convention for the Church of God (Anderson, Indiana–we don’t handle snakes).  It would take us a little bit over three days to drive there, and three days to get back, and we were PUMPED.  I mean, who wouldn’t be excited to go to Pike’s Peak and hang out with a bunch of cool kids in Denver?!  I even planned a few things to keep Zeke and I busy during some of the things he would find not-so-interesting.

This past Saturday, we started the journey we’d been planning.  So the best youth group in the entire world, along with myself, Zeke, and some adult volunteers, drove down to Lake Wales to pick up some other youth groups at Warner University.  Josh and I were particularly excited to show Zeke his daddy’s alma mater!

Moving Zeke into his very first dorm :)

Walking on campus with daddy <3

And then we drove…and drove…and drove.  We watched movie after movie after movie…and we only stopped ONCE to use the bathroom before lunch.  Can you believe that?!  A bus full of 43 teenagers and a few adults, including one four-year-old and we all held it until an official stop!  We stopped for lunch at about noon at a wonderful McDonalds in Cordele, GA.  When we pulled out of the parking lot to complete the day’s journey (Memphis or Bust!!), we actually busted.  To make a long story short, we’re a little bit stuck.  More than a little bit.  We’re actually stuck.  The bus is non-operational, and quite frankly, we are lucky it didn’t roll over with all of us in it.  We’re lucky to be alive and to have found a great hotel to put us up for the night (possibly one more night).  There has been a change of plans, to say the least.

Unfortunately, we will not be going to Colorado.  We are bummed.  I am particularly bummed because I was SO looking forward to exploring Denver with Zeke as well as going to the convention.  I was also looking forward to good hair days and low humidity.  Let me tell you, I am NOT getting that here in Georgia.  Let’s re-name Cordele “Frizzy Town,” shall we?

So the plan now is to hang out in Georgia!  We’re going to make our way to Atlanta, which is an amazing city with TONS to do.  Six Flags is on our agenda now, and the Coca Cola factory is an option as well.  We will be coming back a few days early, and to be honest I am okay with that.  I think we are all learning a very important lesson.  I’m taking my cues from my precious four-year-old son, who described his dorm bed at Warner University by saying “Mommy, THANK YOU for this bed!  It is the nicest bed I’ve ever had!”  Let’s face it people, if you’ve been to college, you know what those beds feel like.  As we were leaving that morning after Josh and I got NO SLEEP at the college (do you remember hearing EVERY SINGLE FOOTSTEP above you in college?  I had forgotten about that part), Zeke’s comment was “that hotel was so nice!  I hope we go back there again some time!”  And as we rode for hours on the bus?  “Mommy, I love this bus and all these movies!  This is the best trip!”  As we were checking into the hotel in Georgia, “Momma, this is SO NICE!  These people are so awesome!”  Waking up from his nap in a strange hotel bed, “I LOVE this bed and this hotel room!”  The positivity exuding from my four year old child, who by anyone else’s standards would be totally justified in having multiple tantrums and melt-downs, is refreshing.  It is keeping me on track and showing me how I SHOULD be looking at things.

Thank GOD we are all okay.  The bus seriously SHOULD have flipped.

Thank GOD for a hotel that had 13 rooms available, and people it is NICE!

Thank GOD one of the churches in our group knows a higher-up at Golden Corral, so they gave us an AMAZING deal at the restaurant right across from the hotel.

Thank GOD I have my family with me.

We are going to have a great time.  This leg of the trip is going to force me to break out of my recently-acquired type-a personality traits.  It is also going to force me to face some very old fears from over 10 years ago (I can tell you about those later…that’s for another time).  But I am hopeful and holding onto the positivity of a child who is just excited to be here and gives thanks for every moment of every day we are together.

We could all learn a lesson or two from this little guy.

Smile more, whine less!

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2 Responses to Lessons Learned

  1. Brenda Birch says:

    Thank you for sharing. We are so thankful you are all o.k. and pray for God to give direction to your husband. Bless his heart. Give Zeke a hug from Ms. Brenda.

    • rboldman says:

      Thanks for your prayers and hugs, Brenda! We had an awesome time and I can’t wait for you to hear all about it!

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